Sometimes I do stuff. Conventions. Theatre trips. Football. Drinking fraps at Starbucks. When I'm not asleep I'm usually wishing I was, and I also watch a lot of tv, both the good stuff and the completely trashy.
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Personally, I really loved the finale. I think it’s incredibly admirable how Agent Maria Hill is so dedicated to her job that she’s willing to put up with being constantly creeped on by a guy who will not accept that this relationship is never happening even after nearly two decades, all to keep an eye on the reformed Willow Rosenburg and that shifty Dr. Horrible fellow. It was a shame how her junior agent couldn’t take it anymore and had to fake her own death so she could be reassigned, but can you blame her for getting out of that hot mess as soon as possible? By madcapjest on the How I Met Your Mother finale (via nanceoir)